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How Our Bonus System Works


Before you start to use all benefits of our services, you need to create an account. Please do not forget your login and password to be just in an instant from ordering good essay. However, if you’ve forgotten your personal information, our colleagues from support team will gladly help you with that.


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Bonuses are always good for the clients, but the basic price still matters. Sometimes you can notice that bonuses do not cover the difference between prices on different sites. However, we have found a perfect correlation between prices and bonuses. It means that you pay less, order more, and we are also satisfied with income. For the clients who order many papers and bring new clients, we always have some surprises. Do not forget to check the email box not to miss gifts from our company.

Instant calculator for writing services

Planning to order a paper? See how much it will cost and how much Bonus Money you will get for it. Just select your requirements and get an instant calculation. If you decided to place an order on our site, just use a special calculator before you place it. You will understand how much should you pay for your paper, taking into consideration such aspects as urgency and volume. Use the following Price Calculator to predefine the price of your future academic masterpiece.

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